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Spiritual Direction

In Ignatian spirituality "spiritual direction" is an important element of living in an active relation to God. It is an offer for women and men who want to live in a more conscious and fulfilled way, who want to make "more" of their lives. Many people yearn to see God's traces in their own lives more clearly and to follow their tracks. Some want to leave a crisis behind and are searching for energy and orientation for a fresh start; others might be approaching an important decision.

Usually you enter a path of spiritual direction by making a first appointment with a director, directly or through our gatekeeper. After you have agreed on additional appointments in a rhythm of four to six weeks, you decide after some time how long your journey of spiritual direction should last. 


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Grief Counseling

Sharing grief and sorrow is one of the most precious experiences in our lives. As people are grieving the death of a loved one, they require help from competent companions. We pastoral caregivers at St. Michael's can assist you during such difficult times. We offer you opportunities to discuss your experiences with us.

Conversation / Faith Talk

You are experiencing very concrete worries? Or maybe a vague feeling of anxiety? You are struggling with a problem? Or you are feeling well? You want to express your happiness about an achievement or success? You have experienced deep joy?