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Choral Evensong

Liturgy in a city church always means celebrating worship both for those who are interested and for those who are (still) distant.
That is why 5 years ago we decided to offer a home to a form of liturgy that is ecumenical in its basic concept: to the Choral Evensong of the Anglican churches.
A simply structured liturgy of the hours combined with a lot of gorgeous choral music is the main feature of this form of worship. It is very popular during the busy weeks of Advent and Lent, each Friday night at 18:00. Arrive - let your mind and soul "catch up" after the hustle and bustle of everyday life - come to rest and embrace the divine within all of us.

This is our offer to all people, regardless of their denomination or religious affiliation.

We cordially invite you to join us. You will be welcome.

Collegium Monacense

Collegium Monacense of St. Michael's is a professional vocal ensemble that cultivates the tradition of the court chapel, i.e. music performed around the times of St. Michael's original construction. The ensemble's sound is ideal for performing works of the early modern era, particularly Renaissance and early Baroque music. But the Collegium also tackles music in all other styles and from all eras (in appropriately varying sizes).

Regular Worship Schedule

Due to current distancing regulations, all services take place in the nave of St. Michael's, with marked seats. No advance registration required. Holy Cross Chapel will remain closed until further notice.