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Become Catholic

  • through baptism

You are not a Christian yet ...
Faith Orientation accompanies women and men on their way to baptism, confirmation and the Eucharist (communion). After a course lasting about six months, Archbishop Reinhard Cardinal Marx will baptize you. The baptism takes place at Easter. Please contact us even if you cannot participate in the faith courses. In some cases we also prepare people for baptism individually, if there are important reasons.

» Faith Guidance page of the Archiepiscopal Ordinariate

  • through conversion

You would like to join the Catholic Church from another Christian denomination ...
We prepare you for this step in a course. These courses take place twice a year, before Advent and before Pentecost. They culminate in a solemn service with the Cardinal, either on the Second Sunday of Advent or on Pentecost Sunday. Fellow Christians from Reformed Churches will even receive the sacrament of Confirmation at this service.

Faith Course

From time to time we offer shorter course units, in order to delve deeper into a specific topic of faith. We are happy to respond to your suggestions here and to take up any questions and topics that might otherwise remain unaddressed or not get enough time to explore them sufficiently.

Faith Talk

You have questions about our faith and the church ... We have time. And we are looking forward to talking with you. Currently we are also assembling a group of female pastoral caregivers who are available for conversation. We are here for you - in person, by phone or by mail.