Space, liturgy, sermon - and music.

These are the four cornerstones that carry the fascination radiating from the Jesuit Church of St. Michael's in Munich. For more than 400 years God's praise has been celebrated and sung at this very special site in Munich's inner city. Famous musicians have enlivened our church with their music - among them Orlando di Lasso, Caspar Ett, and Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger.

This is the tradition in which we stand; these are the demands we feel committed to, down to this very day. Music performed at a very high level fills our church, both for the greater honour of God  - omnia ad maiorem Dei gloriam - and for the joy of mankind.

We cordially invite you to explore this site and get to know our music. Feel the enthusiasm that fuels our work at St. Michael's, and let this energy inspire you as well.