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Bible Study Group

Together we read the Bible and delve deeper into a passage, listening to what that text has to tell us today.

We are a group of middle-aged women and men.
We meet every two weeks, always on Wednesdays, and occupy ourselves with the Gospel for the following Sunday.



Helga Solfrank

Meditation & Contemplation

Contemplative prayer is a particular method of Christian – especially Ignatian – prayer. It focuses on the immediate dialogical relationship between the praying person and God, shaped by orientation towards Jesus Christ, "the way and the truth and the life" (John 14:6).

Spiritual Direction

For Jesuits, "spiritual direction" is an important element of living in an active relation to God. It is an offer for women and men who want to live in a more conscious and fulfilled way, who want to make "more" of their lives. Many people yearn to see God's traces in their own lives more clearly and to follow their tracks. Some may want to leave a crisis behind themselves and are searching for energy and orientation for a fresh start; others might be approaching an important decision.