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Christopher Steinbügl, Assistant

Choral conductor and organist Christopher Steinbügl is a native of Munich. Currently he is studying for his Master's Degree in Catholic Church Music as a member of Prof. Harald Feller's organ class at Munich's University of Music and Performing Arts. Since 2019 he is also following a degree course in choral conducting with Prof. Michael Gläser and Prof. Peter Djikstra. Other important impulses for his artistic development came from Prof. Christine Schornsheim (harpsichord), Uwe Sochaczewsky (orchestral conducting) and Prof. Stephan Zippe (Gregorian chant).

As musical director he participated in various productions of the ensemble statt.oper, collaborating with young adults in the areas of staging, stage work, and vocal training. As an organist he has been active in the field of historically informed performances and worked with Ton Koopman and the Baroque Orchestra La Banda, among others.

Between 2016 and 2021, Christopher Steinbügl served as a church musician at the parish of St. Helena in the parish association Obergiesing. Since January 2021, he has been the assistant of St. Michael's music team at the Jesuit Church in Munich.

Christopher Steinbügl
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Choir & Orchestra of St. Michael's

The choir and orchestra of St. Michael's have by far the longest and richest tradition of all the musical ensembles connected to our church. They can look back at a history that spans more than 400 years, starting with the consecration of the altars in 1592, which was accompanied by then maestro di capella Orlando di Lasso. Today the choir and orchestra are essential elements in the great concert of all musical ensembles at St. Michael's.

The Organ of St. Michael's

2011 - The organ is reorganised and expanded with a German swell-box by the Rieger organ-building company from Vorarlberg/Austria (inauguration on October 30, 2011). The prospectus of Jesuit brother Johann Hörmann from the 17th century is retained and the better part of the pipe material from the predecessor organ (Sandtner 1982/83) is re-used. The new Rieger organ allows stylistically accurate interpretations of very wide range of organ music and provides an ideal foundation for sophisticated improvisations.

Collegium Monacense

Collegium Monacense of St. Michael's is a professional vocal ensemble that cultivates the tradition of the court chapel, i.e. music performed around the times of St. Michael's original construction. The ensemble's sound is ideal for performing works of the early modern era, particularly Renaissance and early Baroque music. But the Collegium also tackles music in all other styles and from all eras (in appropriately varying sizes).