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Women's Worship Service

Once every month we engage with a special woman during Evening Mass, ranging from female characters in the Bible over canonized saints to other women who are role models for our lives. It is also always a woman who preaches the sermon on these nights. The annual cycle is coordinated by the Union of Religious Sisters in Munich. 

Contact: Sr. Susanne Schneider MC (SusanneMariaSchneider(at)

Dates for 2021 - download here

Family Service

For families with children St. Michael offers regular family services on Sundays at 11:00. Children are addressed specifically and involved in the liturgy. They accompany the gospel book as we sing the Alleluia. For the Lord's Prayer they gather around the altar, receive the sign of peace and pass it on.

Regular Worship Schedule

Due to current distancing regulations, all services take place in the nave of St. Michael's, with marked seats. No advance registration required. Holy Cross Chapel will remain closed until further notice.