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Guided Church Tours (arranged by Münchner Bildungswerk)

Church and Duke - St. Michael's Church, the Jesuit Garden, and Duke Max's Palace

Under the reign of Bavarian Duke William V an enormous building project was launched at the end of the 16th century: dozens of houses had to give way for the vast plans, which changed the face of the city. St. Michael's Church with its huge vault still testifies to the representational ambitions of the Bavarian dukes.

Duration/Fee: 90 minutes, 9.00 EUR

Meeting point: Under the organ loft at the entrance of St. Michael's Church
No registration required!


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Monika Kramer
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Secretariat of St. Michael's - Anja Wastl
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Virtual Tour

Welcome to a virtual tour through St. Michael's Church! We hope that you enjoy this special way of exploring our church and become eager to visit St. Michael's in the real world as well.

Welcome Team

We are a group of 12-15 volunteers who welcome visitors to the church. We answer their questions and help with other requests. This leads to many diverse, enriching encounters.