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Leave the Church

You want to leave the church ...
Formally, this happens at the civil registration office (Standesamt) of your local municipality.
But you do not want to leave without a conversation? We have time for that.

We take seriously what you have to tell us.
We are interested in why you want to leave.

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The walls full of cracks,
plaster is crumbling down,
at the very edge something is still shining.
But these walls,
that no longer form a house!
No God inside anymore?
No reason to live here!

Rejoin the Church

If you want to return to the Catholic Church, we welcome you cordially. The door is open. After a conversation with Pater Batlogg you can rejoin the ecclesiastical community.

Faith Talk

You have questions about our faith and the church ... We have time. And we are looking forward to talking with you. Currently we are also assembling a group of female pastoral caregivers who are available for conversation. We are here for you - in person, by phone or by mail.