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Faith Talk

You have questions about our faith and the church ... We have time.
And we are looking forward to a conversation with you.

We are here for you - in person, by phone or by mail.

Additionally we offer you the chance to receive spiritual counseling or direction from seven women and one man. This offer complements the already existing services from the Fathers and other theological staff members.

For more information see Spiritual Direction

Rejoin the Church

If you want to return to the Catholic Church, we welcome you cordially. The door is open. After a conversation with Pater Batlogg you can rejoin the ecclesiastical community.

Faith Course

From time to time we offer shorter course units, in order to delve deeper into a specific topic of faith. We are happy to respond to your suggestions here and to take up any questions and topics that might otherwise remain unaddressed or not get enough time to explore them sufficiently.