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Cantor Ministry

Cantors have become indispensable for the musical arrangements of the liturgy at St. Michael's. Their duties are many: they intone hymns and other chants, lead the congregation in song, perform the calls in chants of call and response, and - most importantly! - they sing the responsorial psalm after the Old Testament reading.

During the COVID pandemic congregational singing was impossible for many months. Only the cantors were allowed to represent the entire congregation in song. These difficult times have shown clearly how invaluable and indispensable the ministry of the cantors is for celebrating mass.

If you are interested in joining our group of cantors at St. Michael's, please contact our Musical Director Dr. Frank Höndgen.


Dr. Frank Höndgen
+49 / 89 / 23 17 06-34
Fax +49 / 89 / 23 17 06-40

Gate St. Michael's
Maxburgstrasse 1
80333 München
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Fax +49 / 89 / 23 17 06-40

Mon - Thu 09:00 - 12:30  
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Join the Choir

Would you love to sing with us?
We need new singers who are keen to perform demanding church music at a high level with us.
The changeful history of our choir is one of the richest in the city, connected to world-famous musical personalities like Orlando Lasso, Caspar Ett, and Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger.

Choir & Orchestra of St. Michael's

The choir and orchestra of St. Michael's have by far the longest and richest tradition of all the musical ensembles connected to our church. They can look back at a history that spans more than 400 years, starting with the consecration of the altars in 1592, which was accompanied by then maestro di capella Orlando di Lasso. Today the choir and orchestra are essential elements in the great concert of all musical ensembles at St. Michael's.