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St. Michael's Center

St. Michael's Center is located next to the church, just behind the high choir. From the entrance at Maxburgstr. 1, you reach the gate, Michaelssaal (St. Michael's Hall), various group, consultation and conversation rooms, and the offices of our pastoral care team (Maxburgstr. 1-5). Even the Faith Orientation team and the "Christian Life Community" (CLC) belong to St. Michael's Center.

In addition to the liturgical and cultural events of the church itself, the programs offered by Faith Orientation and the offers of the CLC, even other open events take place in the rooms of the center.

These include the evening lectures of the Jesuit Forum.
The forum events offer a platform for discussing theological and spiritual questions of our age.

Throughout the year there are Bible Contemplation Days (always on a Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00) dedicated to one continuous theme. They bringt the Bible into dialogues and conversations with our faith today.

We regularly offer exercises in everyday life, which can be continued in discussion groups ("Glaube im Gespräch", "Offene Weggemeinschaft").

The rooms of the center house CLC groups, a Bible Study Group for the Sunday readings, a reading circle, and exercises in meditation and contemplation.

From Monday to Friday, people can drop in unannounced for confession and discussions. Two consultation rooms are available for this purpose.

The offers of the center form part of St. Michael's overall concept of pastoral care for the inner city. Here there is room for conversations with individual human beings. Here, spiritual life can be cultivated in manageable groups. Here is a place for discussions and deeper intellectual explorations. St. Michael's Center is a joint project of the Jesuits together with the staff and volunteers of Faith Orientation and the Christian Life Community.

Jesuit Forum

The Jesuit Forum at Michaelssaal offers a platform for theological and spiritual impulses on one hand, for questions of our time in the broadest sense on the other. The evening starts with an expert lecture of about 50 minutes' length. After that there is about half an hour for open discussions and exchanges on the respective topic. We always end within the set timeframe (7:30 p.m to 9:00 p.m.).

Prayer Group Young Adults

Since 2013 young adults meet in a prayer group at St. Michael's to share their faith and their lives with each other. We sing together, share free prayers as intercession, thanksgiving or praise, and discuss a text from the Holy Scripture. Various forms of personal prayer are introduced and practiced together, such as guided bibliologues, reviews of the day according to Ignatian tradition, or meditative dances.