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Photo Gallery

The front of the church after its renovation in 2021

Almost all scaffolding has vanished. Finally it is possible to view the freshly renovated facade from all sides again! One almost feels a little dazzled by this sight, that is how brightly the church is shining in the sunlight.

Revelation of the Cross on Good Friday
Photos: Anton Brandl

Holy Sepulchre - Holy Cross Chapel at St. Michael's
Photos: Anton Brandl

Giambologna Crucifix
Photos: Anton Brandl

Virtual Tour

Welcome to a virtual tour through St. Michael's Church! We hope that you enjoy this special way of exploring our church and become eager to visit St. Michael's in the real world as well.

History of the Building

In 1579 Duke William V took over the reign of Bavaria, about two decades after Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order, had agreed to establish a Jesuit College in the Bavarian capital shortly before his death (1556). The duke had been educated by Jesuits himself. In his eyes, the tradition of Renaissance humanism seemed ideal for shaping Bavaria in the Catholic spirit.