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Organ for Kids

Organs are the greatest of instruments - literally! But with their impressive size they radiate a grandeur that might appear scary for newcomers. The organ is the instrument for the church; its music is often considered a somewhat nerdy hobby, of interest only to experts and aficionados. Only rarely is organ music associated with children.

We want to change this!

Our special organ events are tailored towards the youngest listeners and introduce them to the fascinating world of this instrument in a light-hearted and entertaining way.
Join us for exciting adventures in the organ loft!


Kath. Kirchenstiftung St. Michael
team OrgelFÜRKinder
Maxburgstraße 1
80331 München
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Where can you find us?

Jesuitenkirche St. Michael
Neuhauserstraße 6 (pedestrian zone)
80333 München

How do you build an organ?

The Organ of St. Michael's

2011 - The organ is reorganised and expanded with a German swell-box by the Rieger organ-building company from Vorarlberg/Austria (inauguration on October 30, 2011). The 17-century prospectus by Jesuit brother Johann Hörmann is retained, and the better part of the pipe material from the predecessor organ (Sandtner 1982/83) is re-used. The new Rieger organ allows stylistically accurate interpretations of very wide range of organ music and provides an ideal foundation for sophisticated improvisations.