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"Atempause" - take a break to take a deep breath. Allow yourself some breathing time. What a boon for both body and soul: to sit down in calm and peace, in the middle of the day (12:30 – 12:45), surrounded by a bustling city. Sit down. Breathe. Listen to organ music and to a spiritual impulse. Set out again or continue your working day with God's blessing. All forms of spirituality nourish on healthful interruptions of ordinary routines. The breathing breaks we offer from Mondays to Fridays are intended to help you recover in the best possible sense.

Midday Meditation:

Organ music and verbal impulses
Monday to Friday, 12:30 - 12:45.

Conversation / Faith Talk

You are experiencing very concrete worries? Or maybe a vague feeling of anxiety? You are struggling with a problem? Or you are feeling well? You want to express your happiness about an achievement or success? You have experienced deep joy?

The Organ of St. Michael's

2011 - The organ is reorganised and expanded with a German swell-box by the Rieger organ-building company from Vorarlberg/Austria (inauguration on October 30, 2011). The 17-century prospectus by Jesuit brother Johann Hörmann is retained, and the better part of the pipe material from the predecessor organ (Sandtner 1982/83) is re-used. The new Rieger organ allows stylistically accurate interpretations of very wide range of organ music and provides an ideal foundation for sophisticated improvisations.