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Altar Servers

Dear boys and girls,

altar servers are very important for the atmosphere at St. Michael's Church, particularly for the Solemn Mass on Sundays at 9:00. We welcome your service even during family worship at 11:00 or Saturday evening mass at 18:00.

Are you curious to try what it feels like to serve at the altar? Would you enjoy assisting us at mass? Then get in touch with us, either by reporting to us at the sacristy or by contacting one of the persons named below (even if you have not received First Communion yet). We are looking forward to meeting you!


Simon Frank
Senior Altar Server

P. Andreas Batlogg SJ
Phone +49 / 89 / 23 17 06-0

Family Service

For families with children St. Michael offers regular family services on Sundays at 11:00. Children are addressed specifically and involved in the liturgy. They accompany the gospel book as we sing the Alleluia. For the Lord's Prayer they gather around the altar, receive the sign of peace and pass it on.

Virtual Tour

Welcome to a virtual tour through St. Michael's Church! We hope that you enjoy this special way of exploring our church and become eager to visit St. Michael's in the real world as well.