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Conversation, Counsel or Guidance

Starting in October 2021, we offer both women and men the opportunity to receive spiritual counseling or guidance from a woman. Our spiritual directors, most of them members of religious orders, are experienced and trained in pastoral care. Spiritual direction in crises or times demanding major decisions is an important Christian practice, and the search for God's guidance and will is a permanent challenge for every Christian - a task that may require company. Our offer complements the already existing services by the Fathers and other theological staff members.

Sr. Maria Hofmann MC

I was born in Tyrol in 1945 and have been a member of the religious community "Missionaries of Christ" since 1967. After various assignments and training for directing Spiritual Exercises (1987-89 at IMS), I have served in leadership ministries of our community. For more than 30 years I have been directing Ignatian retreats and Spiritual Exercises. My services have been requested in various places in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland. Since 2018 I have been living in Munich again.

Contact and meeting place for conversations on spiritual direction:
Regionalhaus der Missionarinnen Christi
Vinzenz-von-Paul-Straße 11, 81671 München (= Berg am Laim)
Phone: 089/678054-12 or -0
Mobile:  0157-34627727

Sr. Mareile Hartl MC

I was born in the Allgäu region in 1968. Since 1995 I belong to the religious community "Missionaries of Christ".
After studying religious education and adult education in Munich (1988 - 1993) , I have been active in different areas of pastoral care in the dioceses of Augsburg, Salzburg, and Munich. Between 2001 and 2005 these experiences were enriched by assignments in Paris, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa.
Currently I work part-time as a parish assistant in the parish association of Munich-Laim, serve as deputy regional director of my order, and work as a freelancer in individual counseling. My self-conception as a pastoral caregiver has always pursued a holistic approach; I have therefore complemented my studies by training as a breathing therapist, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and spiritual director (Freising course).

Contact and meeting places for spiritual direction:
meetings are possible in Sendling, München-Laim or Berg am Laim. We can also talk on the phone or via video conference.
My phone number: 089 / 74 49 49 44

Sr. Maria Stadler MC

Born near Munich in 1967, I studied religious education and joined the "Missionaries of Christ" community after my graduation in 1992. After serving as a parish assistant in Landsberg, I spent 16 years in Russia, in Omsk and Novosibirsk. During this time I completed additional training as a systemic psychotherapist for children and young adults. In 2014 I returned to Germany, where I qualified as a director for Spiritual Exercises. I have been closely connected to the contemplative path for over 25 years now.
Currently I work at the German Conference of Superiors of Religious Orders as coordinator for the so-called "Freiwilliges Ordensjahr" (voluntary year in a religious order), and serve as the training director of our community.

Contact and meeting places for spiritual direction:
You can reach me by phone 089 / 74116015 or my mobile number 0157-50117508
or by e-mail as
For longer conversations we can meet at St. Michael's or in the facilities at our Generalate (Linderhofstr. 10, 81377 München, U6 – station Holzapfelkreuth).

Sr. Christine Zeis MC

I was born in 1961 and have been a member of the "Missionaries of Christ" since 1988. By profession I am a religious educator, Gestalt therapist, and spiritual director. My concern is offering guidance to seekers, a challenge reflected in two projects on life and faith orientation in Leipzig and Jena, as well as in years of responsibility for various stages of religious training and vocational clarification. I have been living in Weilheim/Upper Bavaria since 2011, first as noviciate director and currently with the main task of offering spiritual direction and Spiritual Exercises.

Contact and meeting place for spiritual direction:
For conversations I like to make appointments to meet at the facilities of the "Missionaries of Christ" in Weilheim
Hardtkapellenstr. 2, 82362 Weilheim
Phone: 0881/92703232

Sr. Maria Platzköster

I was born in the Ruhr area in 1956 and have been a member of the community Missionaries of Christ since 1983. Professionally I first worked as a nurse and have been active as a non-medical pracititioner with my own practice in Munich since 2005. In 1985 I attended Bible School in Nazareth for three-months; in 2012 I completed a training in body-oriented conversation and trauma therapy ("Loving Dialogue"), which I have been practicing ever since. More information on my homepage

Contact and meeting place for spiritual direction:
The counseling meetings take place in my practice room.
Vinzenz-von-Paul-Str. 11, 81671 München                                                  
My phone numbers: 
089 / 678054-29
Mobile 0157-72931066

Sr. Dorothea Gnau

My name is Sr. Dorothea Gnau. I was born in Marburg/Lahn in 1971 and have been a member of the Congregation of Helpers, an international Ignatian community, since 2012. 25 years ago, on a search after tools to help me to seek God in everyday life, I discovered Ignatian spirituality, spiritual direction and Spiritual Exercises for myself. In 2014-2016 I finally completed my own training as a spiritual director and director of Spiritual Exercises (CLC/SJ). After working as a theologian, as a teacher, in ecclesiastical youth work and in pastoral care for students, I have been living in Munich since 2019 and am currently active as a spiritual director and director of Spiritual exercises (especially for young adults) as well as in the administration of my order.

Contact and meeting place for spiritual direction:
You can reach me via e-mail as or by phone at 0157-82951791. For a conversation we make an appointment to meet either at St. Michael's or in the rooms of our community in Neuperlach.

Hildegard Streppel

Ich bin in einem kleinen Ort im Hochsauerland in NRW 1957 geboren und aufgewachsen. In Regensburg habe ich Dipl. Sozialpädagogik studiert und war anschließend in München bei der Caritas tätig. Mit der Geburt unserer drei Kinder habe ich sehr überzeugt Familienzeit gelebt, war im kirchlichen Ehrenamt tätig und habe freiberuflich in der Familienbildung gearbeitet. (1990-2010)

Nach der Trennung kam 2004 die Ausbildung zur „Integrativen Eltern-Säuglings/Kleinkind-Beraterin“ (Schreibaby-Beratung) und 2005 die Weiterbildung zur Systemischen Paar- und Familientherapeutin hinzu. Im Anschluss arbeitete ich als Beraterin in der Erziehungsberatung in einem großen Beratungszentrum in München und habe mich Ende 2022 in den Ruhestand verabschiedet.

Die Ignatianische Spiritualität und das kontemplative Gebet sind meine geistliche Heimat. Die Ausbildung zur Geistlichen Begleiterin in den Jahren 2020/2021 waren dabei nochmals bestärkend und bereichernd. Mein Leitsatz als Geistliche Begleiterein: "Und siehe: Ich bin mit euch alle Tage bis zum Ende der Welt." (Mt. 28,20)

Kontakt und Ort der geistlichen Begleitung:

Die Begleitgespräche finden in der Regel im Zentrum St. Michael in der Maxburgstr. statt. Daneben besteht die Möglichkeit für Gespräche am Telefon oder über Zoom.

Sr. Maria Wolfsberger MC

Ich bin 1973 in Gmunden im Salzkammergut geboren und gehöre seit 2002 zur Ordensgemeinschaft der Missionarinnen Christi. Nachdem ich fast 20 Jahre als dipl. A-Kirchenmusikerin, Konzertorganistin und geistliche Begleiterin in Leipzig tätig war, bin ich im Sommer 2023 nach München gezogen. Zur Zeit bin ich in unserer Gemeinschaft Noviziatsleiterin und somit zuständig für die Ausbildung der angehenden Ordensfrauen, nebenbei mache ich die Ausbildung zum Berufungscoach Wave. Gerne biete ich auch weiterhin geistliche Begleitung für Menschen jeglichen Alters an.

Kontakt und Orte für geistliche Begleitung:
Per Mail unter: 
Die Begleitgespräche finden in den Räumlichkeiten in St. Michael oder in unserem Ausbildungshaus in der Schöngauerstraße 20, 81377 München (U6 - Haltestelle Holzapfelkreuth) statt. Daneben besteht auch die Möglichkeit für Gespräche am Telefon oder per zoom-Konferenz oder schriftlich per E-Mail.

Josef Huber

My name is Josef Huber. I was born in 1952, have been married for over 40 years, have children and grandchildren. I studied theology, pedagogy, and philosophy, and used to work as a teacher. The rich language of the Bible and the spirituality of the Ignatian exercises are important sources of life for me. In the 1990s I trained as a spiritual director and director for Spiritual Exercises. Since that time I have been accompanying people on their spiritual journeys. Since my youth I have been involved in groups of the Christian Life Community, where I also have been active in course and retreat work.
It is a great concern of mine to listen to people, to understand them and to accompany them on their way. 

Contact and meeting place for spiritual direction:
My phone numbers:
Landline: 089/14492
Mobile:  0176-20623256

Dr. Peter Hügelmeyer

Ich bin 1955 in Osnabrück geboren, im Rheinland aufgewachsen, lebe seit 1989 in München und bin verheiratet. Ich gehöre zur Gemeinschaft Christlichen Lebens (GCL), habe in der Domschule Würzburg Theologie studiert und bin Exerzitien- und Geistlicher Begleiter. Als promovierter Zellbiologe habe ich über 15 Jahre in der Pharmazeutischen Industrie gearbeitet und bin seit 2004 Geschäftsführer und Mitinhaber einer Agentur für Mitarbeiterentwicklung und Mitarbeiterführung. Wichtig ist mir, die eigene Spiritualität kontinuierlich zu vertiefen und sie anderen Menschen in für sie angemessenen Formen zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Kontakt und Ort der geistlichen Begleitung:

Die Begleitgespräche finden in der Regel im Zentrum St. Michael in der Maxburgstraße statt. Daneben besteht auch gerne die Möglichkeit für Gespräche am Telefon, per Video-Konferenz oder E-Mail.